Samantha Foote - Speaker

Samantha is a board-certified Neurologic Music Therapy fellow and leverages the power of music to support neurodivergent individuals. She is also a Positive Discipline Parent Educator, providing adults with positive and effective parenting strategies.

Experience & Topics

Neurodivergent Individuals: Enhancing Focus and Reducing Overwhelm in the Workplace

In this dynamic presentation, Samantha delves into the essential strategies for supporting neurodivergent individuals in the workplace. By addressing the challenges of overwhelm and honing in on techniques to amplify focus, participants will gain invaluable tools to thrive in their professional environments. Additionally, Samantha provides insightful approaches for effectively assisting clients who grapple with similar obstacles, further fostering a culture of inclusivity and productivity.​ Delivered to: Polka Dot Powerhouse Diamond Summit

Rhythmic Resonance

This presentation centers on the dynamic world of music therapy, spotlighting the unique power of drum circles. Participants will gain a profound understanding of how rhythmic patterns and group drumming can positively impact mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Through engaging discussions, live demonstrations, and interactive experiences, attendees will learn practical techniques to harness the therapeutic benefits of both music therapy and drum circles for stress reduction, emotional expression, and community building. Delivered to: Amazing Changes Open House

Harmonizing Relationships and Enhancing Self-Care with the Power of Music

This presentation provides caregivers with a comprehensive exploration of music's profound impact on both their lives and the lives of those they support. Caregivers will delve into the traditional roles of music, its scientifically proven benefits for mental and physical well-being, and the principles of music therapy as a behavioral science. Gain practical insights into incorporating music for personal well-being and discover how activities like drumming, songwriting, and other musical interactions can serve as transformative tools for deepening relationships with those under your care. Embark on this harmonious journey towards enhanced self-care and enriched connections through the art of music.​ Delivered to: Fun and Feisty Caregivers Summit

Functional Uses of Music in the Therapy World

Description: In this presentation we will discuss what music therapy is and how it can be used to assist developmentally delayed adults and children. We will also discuss how music therapy can be used in conjunction with other therapies such as occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, ABA or behavior intervention, and counseling. Samantha will also give you music activities you can incorporate in your own life. Delivered to: Western Partnerships Conference on Human Services 

Music For You

Description: Music can be used in many different ways in people's lives. Sometimes it's used for entertainment, cultural events, healing, or bonding. During this presentation you will learn how people have traditionally used music, how music benefits the brain and body, and music therapy as a behavioral science. Learn how to use music therapeutically for yourself and others through drumming, songwriting, and other music-based interactions.  ​Delivered to: Polka Dot Powerhouse-Treasure Valley, Idaho Chapter

The Positive Impact of Music Therapy

Description: This presentation aims to explore the potential of music therapy in tandem with habilitative intervention and support. By using the power of these dynamic tools, attendees will uncover innovative approaches to foster development in social skills, positive behavior, communication, and emotional regulation. This presentation helps your discover the intersection of creativity and therapeutic intervention.​​​ Delivered to: Western Partnerships Conference on Human Services 


* Neurologic Music Therapy

* Positive Parenting

* My Neurodivergent Journey

* Raising Neurodivergent Children

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