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We are Hiring!

Join the Boise Music Therapy Company! 

Music Class

Children are our passion

It takes someone special to decide to work in the field of helping children, especially those with a multitude of learning styles. 

We are looking for someone who enjoys buliding relationships with your clients, so much that when you show up, they are looking forward to having fun with you.  

Someone who enjoys that every day is different. 

Someone who is patient and kind, even when faced with frustration and struggles. 

Job Description

Music Therapist

We are looking for a committed and patient-focused Music Therapist to develop, recover or maintain skills of people with physical, mental or developmental conditions. You will offer effective and client-centered services that will enable people to achieve their goals. The successful candidate will have a holistic perspective and will be able to adapt the environment to fit the person.


  • Implement group and individual music therapy therapy sessions.

  • Complete initial assessments and treatment plans as referred.

  • Create stimulating and developmentally & age-appropriate individual and group sessions based on the need(s) of clientele.

  • Attend meetings with other music therapists in the company as needed

  • Complete required documentation in a timely manner.


  • Excellent knowledge of principles and practices of music therapists

  • Hands-on experience with computer programs and creative media

  • Ability to manage patients with different types of personalities

  • Current knowledge of treatment practices per discipline and drive to continually learn and grow in the profession

  • Professional behavior

  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills

  • Valid certification to practice music therapy

  • BS degree or greater in music therapy

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: From $22.00 per hour

Job Description

Intervention Specialist

The Intervention Specialist provides direct intervention for children and adolescents with developmental disabilities in a school, home, and/or community setting.

In accordance with the child or adolescent’s plan for treatment, the IS role is to provide intervention services directed toward decreasing the child or adolescent’s maladaptive behaviors and encouraging adaptive behaviors in the classroom or community setting, using reinforcement strategies.

The Intervention Specialist is required to document the progress or regression of goals, coordinate and collaborate with necessary treatment team members to support the child or adolescent, and participate in supervision on a regular basis.


  • Must be at least eighteen (18) years old and

  • Bachelor’s Degree in human service field, or Bachelor’s Degree in a non-human service related field with 24 minimum upper division semester credits in human services field

  • Verifiable proof of paid, supervised experience providing services to a child or adolescent with a developmental disability for a minimum of 1,040 hours

  • Complete 40 hour RBT training in ABA (provided by the agency) OR, hold a current certificate in Habilitative Intervention (HI)

  • Have reliable transportation, a valid driver’s license and car insurance

  • Must provide or obtain CPR/First Aid Certification (provided by the agency)

  • Must provide or obtain MANDT and/or other de-escalation certification training, we determined by supervisor (provided by the agency)


  • Provide direct 1:1 intervention to a child or adolescent with a developmental disability in accordance with the plan for treatment

  • Provide regular written and verbal progress updates on treatment goals

  • Collaborate and coordinate services with treatment team members in various settings, including but not limited to teachers, Ancillary Services (PT, OT, Speech), clinicians, etc.

  • Provide daily documentation on the progression or regression of goals

  • Participate in staff meetings

  • Participate in supervision

  • Effectively communicate with parents and other providers

  • Adhere to State and Federal Guidelines, including Mandated Reporting, HIPAA, and Fraud, Waste and Abuse policies

  • Must maintain CPR/First Aid Certification

  • Must complete annual training requirements, as determined by Department Policies and Procedures

Pay starting at $22/hr

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