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Behavior Intervention focuses on teaching children skills they need to be successful in their home, school, and community. Skills worked on may include social/emotional skills, cognitive skills, daily living skills, and others. 

Why it's Important ​


Once your child receives a diagnosis, it's imperative that treatment begins as soon as possible. Together, we can work with both parents and children to learn a variety of techniques to navigate the challenges that are presented. 

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Cognitive Skills

Cognitive development is all about how you learn and think. It's not just memorizing facts, but understanding the information so it can be put to use in your everyday life. 

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Daily Living Skills

Self care skills are the everyday tasks undertaken to be ready for daily life activities. As children age, they should develop independence in these important areas of their lives.


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Social/ Emotional Skills

Children are learning to talk about their feelings and the feelings of others. Social-emotional development, however, involves more than just expressing emotions.


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Intervention Specialists and Professionals and Registered Behavior Technicians can come to your home to work with your child to work on home-based skills such as personal hygiene, attention to task, and many other skills.



Boise Music Therapy Company contracts with some Treasure Valley schools to provide behavior intervention services while your child attends school with their peers.

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Behavior Intervention can be done with participants and their parents in the community. We do not provide transportation but may accompany a caregiver and child to a community location.

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Help us help you, tell us more about your needs and we can ensure you get the services that fit. 

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